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Jeanet Dreskin_edited.jpg

Jeanet S. Dreskin

"Medical elements from my past creep into much of my new work.  In my ‘Sere’ series of paintings, I am visually expressing the 21st century dilemma of overpopulation, erosion, and destruction of our environment.


Deep within the image, I am also making a statement about rebirth and renewal. In my paintings, I use flowing layers of pigment to create levels of movement, rhythm and form that continue beyond the edge of the paper or canvas. 

Landform paintings (50’s, 60’s, and 70’s) of the Blue Ridge Mountain terrain, capture my response to my new South Carolina environment which is in stark contrast to my native New Orleans’ flatlands.


My 'Williwaw' paintings are strongly influenced by my family’s many sailing experiences in the Outer Abacos, Caribbean, American Virgins, British Virgins, Chesapeake, Lake Hartwell and other waters."


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