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Stories From Trees: 2015-2020

September 24 - October 31, 2020

Paul Matheny

Paul Matheny

"Since the Search for Truth series began in the early 1990s in Rock Hill, S.C. every painting has evolved as a result of the painting that came before it. The earliest pieces reflected a southern roadside aesthetic from hand painted signs from firework and produce stands, and disappearing conversations that I was fortunate to participate in.


These current paintings, while still connected to each of the previous pieces, have evolved to reflect a more ethereal, transcendental thought process from my time in the forests, on trails, and through thoughts and ideas that emerge from my mind, through my hands and onto each panel. Most of the elements from my image bank are still used, but rearranged and rethought.


These new paintings are visual conversations among the objects, interacting together, having conversations within each piece.  The viewer is invited to bring their own perspective to each image, allowing them to personally connect with the narrative in their own way."

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