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Thomas McNickle

     For me, light is the key to time and place.  Light makes each moment and location unique.  Once the light has caught my attention, I begin to work quickly, often doing several different studies at once.  It’s the process that matters, not the finished product.  Eventually, the studies and photographs taken on location crystallize in a studio painting.  I don’t enlarge the studies in the studio but, rather, regard them as bits of information that contribute to a greater understanding of the subject.  I want to stand in one place and time, experience it, and, through the act of painting, understand it more fully.  A landscape isn’t an ocean sunset, a marsh, a hillside, or a tree, but time and a place that’s real.  It’s an effort to feel what the artist felt, the artist is trying to express feelings in the hope someone else can feel the same.  

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